The Patrons of Little Spoon Book

I couldn’t do this without my patrons. Not only do they help fund the cooking and writing of Little Spoon Book, but they inspire me with their lives and dreams. Little Spoon Book is about stories, and that includes the stories of my patrons.

Rebecca Elder

Rebecca is a sweet woman I met at Orange Coworking in Austin, TX. She loves knitting and cats and not being in pictures. Her spirit is humble and unassuming, and she is a faithful friend.

  • favorite song: Better Things by The Kinks

Carl Burgers

Carl is one of the most creative people I know. We met in college at the University of Arkansas, and since then have been partners in various writing projects. Carl is really into Urban Creep, and you should follow him on Instagram.

  • favorite song: Henry by Henry Ate

Kimberly Culbertson & Family

Kimberly has a way with words. We met at Orange Coworking, and it’s hard to not be friends with her. She and her husband her an amazing podcast on leadership that you need to subscribe to.

  • favorite song: Hardlines by Holcombe Waller

Shelley Delayne Siracusa & Family

Shelley is the woman to blame for Orange Coworking. It is her brainchild and her baby. In addition to the best coworking space in Austin, she has a wonderful daughter and husband.

Mason Kesner

Mason is another creative I met in Fort Smith, Arkansas. You should really follow him on Instagram.

Beverly Biehl

Beverly gives the best hugs. She is a Feng Shui Consultant/Intuitive Coach at The Intuitive Interior.

Lisa Miller

Is such an artist, and one of the most loving people I know. She gets to work at a cool museum, and you should follow her on Etsy in case she ever sells more things.

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