On October 2, 2018, I celebrated my one year anniversary in Berlin. A year ago, I left a city I absolutely loved and moved to a city I knew very little about. The picture on the left was taken when my friend Shane visited me in Berlin in October 2017. The picture on the right is from a recent trip to Belgium. So, other than the length of my hair, what’s changed in the past year and what’s stayed the same? Here are my top 10 things.

01. I’m finally finally starting to get some forward movement in the Berlin freelance scene. It has not been easy to break into, and I even started applying for Job jobs, but now, I’m seeing some leads trickling in. That gives me hope for the future.

02. I haven’t moved for almost a year! In January, it will be one year, not only, in the same city, but also in the same apartment! This feels good, but I still don’t feel settled here. I’m still living with a nomadic set of possessions even though I’m no longer nomadic, which contributes to the temporary feeling.

03. I’ve made friends. 🙂 Johanna and Katharina and Jay and Daniel #1 and Daniel #2 and Rob and Ng and Vanina and Eva and Kenneth and Anna and Esin and Sebastian and Robyn and Linsy and Noelle and Akhil and Jessie and my German Nancy Gaggles and so many more.

04. I traveled to Ukraine, twice, Croatia, Czech Republic, twice, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and Denmark! (Yes, I have a backlog of blogs and recipes to share.)

05. I checked in 190 beers on Untapped (be my friend!). I took 5,809 photos and videos.

06. I’m now in the first grade of German classes!

07. I’ve felt all the feelings. I’ve been happy; I’ve been thankful; I’ve been depressed; I’ve been angry; I’ve been lonely; I’ve felt loved.

08. I registered for my absentee ballot! (If anyone else needs to do so, you can find your state’s information here: Vote411.org

09. My friend Johanna and I have started a networking group for freelancers and solopreneurs called All Heart No Hype. At our first event, 60 people showed up! You can check out our website or our Facebook page.

10. I really wish all my people could be in one place. Yes, living abroad has actually made me appreciate a lot about America (which is a whole other blog post), but what really makes me feel torn in two is being so far away from so many of the people I love. Moral of the story: we all need more Skype dates.


For some reason, us humans like to measure things mostly in years. I’ve now spent 1 year, 12 months, 365.25 days, 8760 hours, and 525600 minutes living in Berlin. Any way you slice it, that feels like an accomplishment.


My visa renewal appointment is November 29. Then, I’ll be back in The States from Dec 11-Jan 14. I hope to see as many of you as possible in that time. And if anyone knows of any Christmas markets happening, tell me!

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