I missed Lima. Trust me, it surprised me to feel it as much as it probably just surprised you that I said that. Last week, I took a side trip to Cusco, which will be a blog in and of itself, and when I flew back, Lima felt like something…familiar and…home-like. It felt kind of…comfortable.

Humans really are adaptable creatures. While I still didn’t like the smog and the cars and the honking, I had gotten used to them. I had adapted.

Something had turned Lima into home for me, and it was more than nearly dying on that mountain in Cusco.


Shortly after I got back to my apartment, my friend Diego (a local Peruvian) texted me and asked if he could come over. We sat on my temporary couch and drank temporary beers and debriefed our very eventful, but temporary, weekends. It was one of those nights that I’ll never forget, and it accentuated the feeling of home.

Two months isn’t really a long time to live somewhere, but it’s long enough. If you’re looking, it’s long enough to form deep connections with the people and the city and the culture. It’s long enough to find comfort, no matter how challenging.

When I left in January for this grand adventure, I knew I was leaving home. What I didn’t realize was that by doing this, I would end up building little homes all over the world.

Because I’m a verbal processor, Diego got to hear all of this. He said, “I think that’s your next blog post.”



I’m sitting in the Lima airport writing this as I wait for my plane to Scotland. My time in South America has come to an end, but I know I’ll be back someday. For all the challenges that South America faces, it’s an amazing place, and I want to explore more of it. I want to go back to Buenos Aires, for sure, and I might even want to come back to Peru (there’s a lot more to see).

Regardless of whether or not I come back, these places will always hold a piece of my life, a piece of my history. They will always be a little home.

Thank you to everyone who has made South America a little home for me. I promise to pay the kindnesses forward.

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