The time was so short, but not short at all if you think of it in Trip Terms. In Trip Terms, a month to be somewhere else is a long time. But in Home Terms, one month is not long at all (unless you don’t like the people in your home, but that is not me). On December 13th, I arrived and on January 14th, I am now leaving.

I’m sitting on the plane in Fayetteville, Arkansas, flying to Chicago. Then, a large plane (that’s hopefully half full) will transport me across the ocean like a mythical beast to Munich. I should sleep. I probably won’t. From Munich, it’s a short ride to Berlin, the city of my dreams(?).

I don’t know quite what to think. (Most of) the people I love are here. Most of my clients are here. Things are so easy here. Isn’t that the dream? Is that the dream?

Regardless, I’m heading back to Berlin. Partly because I have a new project I’m kicking off with my first German client. Partly because I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity. Partly because it has great public transportation and few allergens (for me).

I’m still in search of my dream. I’m not sure what it is anymore. But I do know one thing. I’m thankful for the people in my life. I’m thankful for my mom who is my number one fan. I’m thankful for Cheryl, James, Amy, and all my Austin friends who love me and listen to me no matter where I am. I’m thankful for English. I’m thankful to be able to come here and relax. I am thankful.

So, as the wheels lift off from the ground, and I find myself moving away from the people who love me most, I wonder what this year will bring. I wonder what it will bring for all of us. Some of you are moving. Some of you will visit. Some will start new jobs. Some will do nothing new, yet bask in the joy of things you have. I hope I know what all of you do. I hope I hear from you.

And me? I will continue to be creative. I’ll continue to meet new people. I’ll continue to try new food and drinks. I’ll continue to miss you until we talk again.

Happy 2019, Spoonies. I love you.

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