I’m riding the train back to Edinburgh. I’m passing lush, green trees and grass and fields of baby crops. The sky is cloudy, but it’s not raining (yet). It’s a comfortable 63F. It’ll be a 3.5 hour train ride, and then I’ll be back in the bustling city center that is my new, temporary home.

It’s been easy to settle into Edinburgh. The wifi works. The language is mine. The people are friendly. I bought a bike, named her Beatrix (after Beatrix Potter), and am zipping around the streets with joy. I wish I could stay here, but I’m also excited to continue my journey to Berlin and Australia. I’ve begun formulating my plan for the rest of the year, so standby for that info once I’ve firmed it up.


Summertime is starting to percolate here in the north, and I’m looking forward to it. I kicked off the summer vacation vibe by touring England and Wales with my mom the past two weeks. She came over with 18 other seasoned women, and we hopped around the Lake District in northern England. It was the same group we toured Scotland with last year, and it was great to be reunited with, what’s now, a family.

I didn’t have as much relaxing time as I’d hoped, but it was still a good time. It was good to be with my mom. It was good to explore a new part of the UK. It was good to cement relationships that had started last year.

I made a Google map of all our stops if you want to see where we went.


7 things I learned on my trip:

1. Public footpaths are amazing and should be everywhere. The UK has this thing called “right to roam.” It basically means that you’re allowed to walk where ever you want (even through private property). To encourage roaming, there are thousands of public footpaths crisscrossing and connecting the countries. I wish I was retired so I could just hike them all!

Also, I think the term “footpath” is misleading. These aren’t sidewalks. They’re hikes up mountains and through pastures.

2. The English have upped their food game. It’s more than just fish and chips now, folks. It’s locally-sourced and delicately-plated and delicious.

3. I want to travel with all my friends! You get to know each other so well and experience life in a way that you don’t normally. (Brenda send me some pics of ppl sleeping!)

4. I must go back to Manchester.

5. I’m not sure I need to visit any more castles or fancy houses. I get the point. Take me to a cheese farm! Hmmmmm…perhaps I should create a foodie tour around the UK. DOES ONE ALREADY EXIST?

6. Welsh rarebit is not rabbit, but it is to die for.

7. Owls are still the coolest.


A few weeks ago, I attended Creative Mornings: Edinburgh and met an amateur chef who wants to teach me a traditional, Scottish recipe, so that’s coming up in the next couple of weeks. Also, I’m planning a trip to the LaPhroaig distillery!

As always, I’m happy to have this Little Spoon family and would love to hear from you.

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