Oh, donut filled with pistachio cream! You are delicate perfection on plate.
Your dough, as airy as a magic carpet ride, swept me off my feet.
Above the towers of Edinburgh, we flew. So close, I reached out to touch the sun.
It was just past my fingertips, but you, sweet Pistachio, were not.


A braggart, you are not, humble Pistachio. Thank God!
Nothing is quite as bad as a donut, self-absorbed.
Comfortable in your skin, you contentedly wait your turn as Chocolate Salted and Raspberry fly off the shelf.
You know your time will come.


American donuts, cloying and saccharine, have indulged an overpowering cream.
Heavily, they sit on plate, begging to be put out of their over-stuffed misery.
But, perfect Pistachio, the lightness of your cream pays compliments to the lightness of your dough.
You have attained Donut Nirvana.


Oh, self-actualized Pistachio, how happy I am to make your acquaintance!
Far and wide, I have searched for a donut like you.
You, truly, are a kindred spirit and have fueled my soul.
Bring on the Pistachio Summer!

In Edinburgh? You, too, can try this delicious donut at Baba Budan.

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