Distilleries visited:

  • Caol Ila – 3/5
  • Kilchoman – the surprise of the trip! 5/5
  • Ardbeg – 2/5
  • Lagavulin – 3/5
  • Laphroaig – 5/5


Things I learned:

  • Islay is pronounced “eye-lah.”
  • About 3000 live on the island.
  • The whisky industry dried up in the 1980s and Islay had a really hard time.
  • To curb drunk driving, the distilleries have little takeaway containers called Driver’s Drams so that the designated driver can enjoy them later!
  • All the distilleries but Kilchoman are owned by global beverage corporations.
  • Kilchoman has a secret billionaire backer that might be from London (this is a bad thing).
  • “Walking up a hill” really means hiking up a mountain.


If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth, like a billion, right? Just watch the video and tell me something that’s on your bucket list, because I just marked this off mine!

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