The weekend started out pretty rough. On Thursday, before I got on the plane for Amsterdam, I learned that one of my friends—a mentor—in Austin had committed suicide. It was rough. Can I say that again? It. was. rough. It was my first death to experience overseas, and I’m sure I have more to process about it all.

I cried for a lot of the afternoon. If my flight had been canceled, part of me would’ve been relieved. But it wasn’t.

Instead, I decided to dedicate the trip in memory of Julie. I didn’t know if she had ever been there, but I thought it was a place she would like. She was adventurous and artistic and marched to the beat of a different drum.

So, I got on that plane (and cried some more) and flew to Amsterdam.

You may remember Niels from Week Two and Week Four. He was one of my first friends in Buenos Aires, and he lives in Amsterdam. I knew I had to visit him, and he graciously invited me to stay at his apartment. When I arrived at his apartment, he was a very good friend and let me cry some more.


As soon as I got off the plane, I knew I liked Amsterdam, and I fell more in love with it every day I was there. The architecture and the canals and the bikes! Oh my! The coffee and the history and the art! Oh my! Make sure you’re following Little Spoon Book on Instagram so you see all the pictures!

Maybe I like New York City (New Amsterdam) so much because I’m actually in love with Amsterdam. We’ll discount, for a minute, the other influences that have shaped NYC and pretend that I’m connected to a deeper history. 😉

I made a short video (less than 2 min) of my trip that you can enjoy.


Niels wanted to contribute to Little Spoon Book, too, so he taught me a traditional dish called Andijviestampot! Stay tuned for the full write-up.


Little Spoon Book cooks Andijviestampot


All-in-all, the weekend turned out alright. I think it was a good tribute to my friend, and she was definitely “with me.”

Have you ever grieved a loved one through a trip? I’d love to hear your stories. Comment below and let me know.

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